About Us

NGOnetwork.in is an initiative of Empowering Ummah Inc., whose primary objective is to UNIFY & INTEGRATE - Software Solutions and a Networking Platform to provide various services that benefit each and every individual.

We, Empowering Ummah Inc., are a consulting Enterprise which aims at providing various software solutions like development of quality websites at affordable prices and networking platforms across verticals, promoting and simplifying the process of creating networks and connecting people.

NGOnetwork.in is a unique endeavor wherein an approved NGO can register and post appeals in order to raise funds for Humanitarian activities.


To provide a platform for NGO’s which can work together toward achieve greater good for the humanity.
To allow NGO’s to raise funds for Humanitarian Activities
To create a community of NGOs’ and volunteers who can serve humanity better Empowering Ummah Inc., has also formed an NGO Viz., Empowering Ummah Foundation which would also form part of this network and work towards Humanitarian causes.

NGOnetwork.in is unique as it aims to create a network purely for NGOs who can work together for the benefit of the website. We can, easily collaborate with a number of NGOs working in similar fields and achieve the greater good by using economies of large scale.

A Registered NGO can raise funds and put forth appeals which can be satisfied by the visitors of the site and by Cash rich NGOs. We intend to connect the donors with the Needy.

The operations are simple and can be explained with respect to each usertype.

For Visitors

1. User is routed to our site
2. S/he browses the site and views the listings &/or appeals
3. S/he makes an intention to donate to a particular NGO or against an appeal
4. S/he clicks on donate and completes the transaction
5. EUF is notified about the transaction
6. EUF / NGO receives the Funds & used for the purpose of Donation

For NGOs

We take listings on our site only after we confirm the credentials as claimed by the Applicant. A thorough documentation process is followed in order to validate the credentials of the trusts. The process being

1. NGO applies for Registration
2. EUF receives notification and verifies the submitted details
3. EUF approves the registration if all documents are found to be compliant with the stated requirements.
4. Upon approval, the NGO receives full functionality for its account and is free to interact or post appeals.

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